Sump pumps are those funny looking contraptions in your basement or crawl space that you never hope to hear running, but when they do, you're immensely relieved. Sump pumps serve one purpose- they collect excess ground water that swells up through the foundation of your home and pushes it away from your property. This can prevent flooding and costly water damage that you absolutely don't want to experience... trust us!

If your basement or crawl space doesn't have a pump that you can identify, or if you've already been the victim of flooding, it's time to call Southern New Hampshire Plumbing, Heating, Cooling. We will evaluate your property and make an honest recommendation as to whether you should have a sump pump, and from there we are able to efficiently source and install this critical piece of equipment at a fair cost.

If you have a sump pump but still experience flooding, or you're not sure if your unit is working, give us a call and one of our experienced technicians will come inspect your existing equipment to make sure it's running properly. In certain instances, we can repair minor issues with your sump pump, and we are always able to replace a dysfunctional unit for a reasonable price. Don't wait until you're ankle deep, give us a call to inspect, install or replace your sump pump unit today!