Not every building in New England needs central air conditioning. Depending on the property, you can survive our mild summers with a couple well-functioning window units. However, the same cannot be said for heating. A fully operational heating system is imperative, and when you need work done, you want a reliable heating company who won't leave you in the cold.

At Southern New Hampshire Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, we specialize in installing, replacing and repairing the equipment that keeps your building warm. We understand that your heating system does much more than just keep you comfortable; it also helps prevent catastrophic incidents caused by freezing temperatures such as burst pipes, electrical failures, and a myriad of other issues you'd definitely rather avoid.

There's no job too big for us! Whether it's identifying and fixing pinhole leaks in your system, or installing brand new fixtures such as furnaces, boilers or hot water heaters, our experienced team of technicians is up to the challenge. Whether it's residential or commercial property, we're the company to call when things start to get a little chilly.