New Hampshire Furnace Repair, Boiler Installation & Hot Water Tank Maintenance Experts

Furnace Repair, Install & Maintenance

Furnaces are the most common heating systems we work on in both homes and commercial buildings, and certainly something you want to maintain healthy. Checking your heat in the fall before the cold weather sets in is a good way to identify any potential issues that need to be addressed before it's an emergency. We can do service calls where we can address any early detection issues that might give you trouble later in the winter. However, we understand that sometimes a furnace will quit on you at the worst time, and we're here to help you out of that sticky situation. Whether we're repairing a blower motor or other failing component, or replacing the unit entirely, we offer efficient service to get your property warm again.

Boilers & Boiler Installation / Repair

Some central heating systems utilize boilers, which distribute heat around your building through radiators. Boilers are generally gas-fired, but unlike furnaces they also incorporate cold water. In other words these systems, though efficient, can sometimes be a little complicated to work on. At Southern New Hampshire Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, we know boilers inside and out. From pilot light and burner issues to tank leaks, we know how to make the repairs that will maximize the life of your unit. Sometimes, however, your boiler might fail beyond repair. Fortunately we are here to help source and install a brand new boiler for you at a fair price. Don't freeze with fear, you can rely on us to resolve your boiler issues.

Hot Water Tanks & Hot Water Tank Installation

Nobody likes a cold shower. However, water that just won't get warm is a dead giveaway that something is going wrong with your hot water tank. In other unfortunate cases, you might find out your tank has failed because your basement now looks like a shallow swimming pool due to the tank cracking and flooding it. Regardless of the cause of your concern, we are your one stop shop to finding a solution for your water heater woes. Whether it's a simple issue such as a faulty overload switch, or a more permanent issue such as a crack in the base of the tank, we can troubleshoot, repair, and if necessary replace your tank. If you're worried, count on us to supply an efficient diagnosis and solution at a fair price, so you can get back to starting your day off with a warm shower.